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Writing your First Blog post

When you write a fresh article on any topic, it is very important to make sure that your new article has SEO-friendly content. If you want huge traffic from search engine for this new article then first of all you must check your article with the Google Keyword tool.

In google keyword tool you can find related keywords for your articles which help you to increase the number of visitors on your website. Sometimes some popular websites publish some articles that are not written properly and those articles don’t have good quality content so they won’t get high rankings in SERP.

So if you want to rank high in search engines then try to follow these tips step by step before writing an article:

Just write Helpful and problem-solving Titles optimize for your visitors not for google rankingzzzzz.

1) The title of the article should be unique because it is also one of the main factors for a good ranking in search engines.   

2) The whole article must be written with proper grammar and spelling because everyone is not perfect. So it is better to check your articles twice or thrice before publishing them on web pages.

3) Check punctuation marks at right place because sometimes we use wrong punctuations marks and we don’t even know about their correct positions. It may result in bad reads of your articles by readers and visitors will leave your website without reading full content, so try to proof read your articles many times until you get satisfied with your article’s punctuation marks and grammar.

4) Images should be relevant otherwise they can decrease SEO friendly factor of an article which results in decreasing number of viewers on your webpages.

5) The size of the images should be small because it increases loading time of your article on websites and if you use large or medium images then it will decrease page load time because every image has their own weight so try to use light images in your articles.

6) Don’t copy paste content from other websites, instead make sure that you are adding fresh form of content to your new article. It may help you to rank high in search engine rankings.

7) Try to make a proper structure of the articles by using subheadings and proper spacing between paragraphs so it will help visitors read your articles easily without leaving them midway for visiting full article.

8) At the end, at last important step is sharing your new and fresh article on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.

This will help you to get more viewers for your new content and you can also get backlinks from social websites which are also beneficial for your website’s SEO rankings.

So these are some basic tips that can help you to create your First SEO friendly articles for getting high traffic from search engine results pages. If you want to rank high in SERP then must try to follow these simple tips before writing an article. I hope this guide will be helpful for all the bloggers and webmasters who wants to write better content for their websites.

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