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WP GDPR Fix Pro Plugin Guide

“WP GDPR Fix plugin” is a great tool to fix most of the WP GDPR problems without knowing too much about APIs and code. Once installed, it adds an admin notice with advice on how to configure your site properly.

The plugin works automatically by adding some lines of code to wp-config.php. In that way, you usually won’t even need to edit any files manually!

WordPress plugin WP GDPR Fix plugin helps WordPress administrators to anonymize and fix personal data in your WordPress blog, for example for websites that are processing customer’s personal data and need to process it according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

WP GDPR Fix plugin anonymizes and/or deletes personal data that is no longer needed for any purpose. Among other things, the plugin can delete tracking codes from your blog posts and comments (like Google Analytics). For the plugin to work you need to insert two lines of code at the end of each page, post or comment’s HTML s

where [your-secret-code] is a unique string that the plugin generates for you while installation. After the plugin has fixed the personal data in the blog content and if plugin settings allow it, the plugin will replace original personal data with [your_anonymized_data].

Features of WP GDPR Pro plugin

If you watch your website like a hawk, then the E.U might be coming for some of that data! You need to make sure that if people from Europe interact with your site in any way (signing up as leads or giving their personal info) then it’s compliant– no matter whether they buy anything from us, just visit once on an ad campaign downsize train ride and leave forever…or not even touch our products at all but still access information through 3rd party integrations such as Facebook pixel cookies etc.).

If you’ve logged in lately to any big-name website, Google has updated their terms of service and made changes according the requirements from GDPR. They’ve covered themselves but what about us?

You don’t have time for this! If it turns out that no matter where your business is located or who owns them there are still massive fines due because we didn’t do our job properly then let me tell ya something: We’re going straight into debt repayments mode here pretty quick (I’m British).

In order not get penalized with millions worths in damages when all those pages turn up nothing but an error message–you need a comprehensive understanding on how regulations like these will affect everyone from CEOs down right through staff members alike.”

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