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Which on page element carries the most weight for SEO?

If you have planned to launch your website or Online store then there are few things that you must know before doing so. One of the most popular techniques and Fundamental is SEO(search engine optimization)

It’s long-term and it’s one time. SEO will help you to make your website more usable and accessible for people everywhere if possible. Search engines like google and Bing.

On-page SEO has many ranking factors but the main on-page SEO ranking factors are Title, tagClick to Tweet

This simply means if you want to rank higher and get more traffic you have to focus on your content Title and Tag.

What Is a Title Tag?

A title tag is the HTML factor used to specify the title of each internet web page. It’s the clickable headline displayed on the search engine outcomes web page (SERP) while you seek for info on the web. A title tag is very important for a website’s search engine optimization, usability, and social media sharing. 

Due to this fact, it has to be an accurate and temporary description of the content material discovered on the particular internet web page.

Why Title Tag is important in SEO ?

The title tag is very important in SEO and carries the most weight for SEO, because it helps search engines like Google to understand your topic very well. It will also help those people who are searching for that particular Title tag and it will be the first impression of your web page😉

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

The title tag will determine your web page. It will be the first impression that the user will experience on your web page. The title is the main ranking factor that reflects your topic. Let say If You are searching for the Best laptops and after submitting your keyword on the Search engine you will see the best laptops Title list and you will defiantly click on that but if you get the best computer title instead of laptops you will probably be leaving that web page.

This will have a negative impact on your website and also your search engine ranking page (SERP).

Some others On-Page SEO Important Elements

Meta Descriptions

It is the short description of your paragraph or article that will summarize the content of your web page. It will defiantly make it easier for any user or search engine to understand that what is this page about or what is meaning of writing this article.


A keyword is a word that reflects your topic or short query for example can dogs eat cheese? If you are writing an article then you must focus on answering all these types of questions directly something like: yes! dogs can eat cheese but……

This is the query or a short keyword that is reflecting your topic. Keywords are very important because they link internet users to you. If someone is searching for that then you must be offering what they are looking for.

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