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Rode nt1 shock mount Under $60

If you are looking for the best shock mount for rode microphones, then this article is just right for you. Keep on reading to find out some useful information about shock mounts and how they work along with some of the best shock mounts available in the market.

If there’s one thing that every musician knows, it’s that owning good equipment will improve their performance.

Good equipment can range from guitars to bass guitars, amps to drums, keyboards to synthesizers, and so on.

However probably one of the most important pieces of equipment used by musicians today is microphones – specifically condenser microphones.

Since it picks up sound through vibrations rather than physical contact like dynamic microphones, condenser mics are often attached to shock mountsthe shock mount prevents external disruptions like shock and bumps from affecting the mic’s frequency response.

Shock mounts are shockproof microphone holders that reduce, or totally eliminate shock and vibrations from reaching to your microphone – which will keep it clean and free of interferences.

A shock mount is a very important accessory in a recording studio for many reasons .

It’s time to talk about which shock mount is best suited for your microphone – this is where things get a bit tricky because shock mounts are not created equal – They are made specifically for specific types of mics.

Rycote InVision Universal Lite-Shock Mount

Ideal for mics weighing 400g or less, including: AKG C414, Neumann TLM 102 & 103.

Rode shock mount w/ furry windjammer

REDUCE VIBRATION – Walk and capture moments without picking up noise with a microphone mount that will reduce shakes and vibrations.

Neewer shock mount suspension mount

Comes with one table mounting clamp. With an adjustable positioning screw, can easily clip to any desktop up to 1.7″/4.5cm thick.

On-Stage MY-420 Studio Microphone Shock Mount

Shock mount fits pencil mics 19-30mm in diameter
Die-cast steel adapter with 5/8″-27 threads
Angle adjustments will lock into place

Cowboystudio shock mount

integrated fur windscreen and rubber bands to secure your rode microphone in place.

Generic Microphone Shock Mount Suspension

The shock mount system fits the most popular brand name microphones such as sm58 Sennheiser e945.

Generic shock mount for rode microphones

shock mount rubber bands, shock mount suspension for rode microphones (for rode shotgun mics)

Rycote softie kit with furry windjammer

CLEAR AUDIO: Reduce wind and ambient noise and record superb audio for your videos with the artificial “deadcat” fur wind cover and pop screen for the rodena krn 93 gebraucht or mic 97g microphone shock mounts (for rode shotgun mics)

Another reason why shock mounts are important would be the fact that it also keeps humidity in check by preventing condensation in cold temperatures.

With that in mind, we did all the hard work for you by searching high and low looking for the best shock mount deals.

For one, it reduces noise produced when you move around while using your microphones – this includes scratching sounds from your guitar when strumming, tapping sounds from your feet if you’re sitting down on a drum stool, wind noises when you’re playing wind instruments, etc.

  • Neewer shock mount system for professional microphones: studio condenser microphone shock mounts & suspension mounts and fit most popular brand name microphone such as Sennheiser e945 sm58 Shure pg48, etc. (shock mount rode shotgun mics)
  • On Stage KB shock mount system fits cardioid, Omni & hyper-cardioid microphone shock mounts 5/8″-27 threading (shock mount rode shotgun mics)

For example, there are shock mounts designed specifically for large-diaphragm condenser microphones while there are shock mounts designed specifically for small diaphragm condenser microphones.

There are also shock mounts in between in both sizes. Not only that, there are shock mounts out there in the market with lots of features like noiseless suspensions, adjustable arms, extra elastic bands, shock baskets, shock mounting bands, adjustable shock mounts – you get the drift.

The point is there are different options when it comes to shock mounts and the choices can be totally mind-boggling.

Rode-B Rycote shock mount for rode tm1 tm2 m1 RTM

shock mounts shock mount suspension shock mount rubber bands shock mount system shock mounts for professional microphones shock mounts suspension mic clips studio condenser microphone shock mounts & suspension mounts Sennheiser e835 replacement mic clip

Sennheiser E983Replacement Mic Clip ONLY

Generic slim microphone extension cable with female to female connectors (Mic not included) (for rode shotgun mics)

Generic Microphone Y Splitter Cable Female To 2 Male Connector 12 Months WARRANTY If you’re in need of shock mounts, maybe for some rode microphones, then don’t look any further.

Rode is a well-known brand for making high-quality microphones and shock mounts at affordable prices.

We read customer reviews (there were some real nuggets of information out there), we asked users what they think about some products and we got a lot of valuable feedback from audio forums.

After several days of research, we looked at our list and decided on some top shock mounts that ticked most of our criteria: quality, durability, features (or lack thereof), innovative design & ease of use.

The RØDE NT1 shock mount is a perfect accessory for your microphone, providing shock protection and minimizing unwanted noise from mechanical shocks.

Rode Microphones is a company known for making high-quality mics at fair prices. They came out with the NT1 in 2002. The NT1 had a frequency response of 40Hz-18kHz and a shock mount cost about 15$. 

In 2009, they released the New NT1 which has been given rave reviews from customers around the world. This model of shock mount cost more because there was word that it included some new manufacturing tools that made it easier to work with during production.

In 2009 this shock mount also only retailed at 15 dollars, just like its previous version! 


The shock mount is an important piece in the recording process that can help to produce a great quality product.

The shock mount will prevent the microphone from picking up unnecessary noises from your studio surroundings, such as clapping hands or moving furniture.

This way you get a clear and crisp sound for your recordings.✌😂

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