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Perfmatters speed optimization plugin (unofficial guide)

If you’re a WordPress user or webmaster, you know how frustrating it is to have your site load slowly. The average person will leave if the page takes more than 5 seconds to fully load.

A lot of people don’t realize that plugins can slow down your site and make it even slower. That’s why perfmatters comes in and help you to fix website speed from scratch with one goal in mind: speed optimization.

Most people don’t realize that site speed affects your online marketing. It’s not just about page load time and how long it takes to download a page, but the effect on Google rankings, SERP positions, ad impressions and clicks.

Performance matters! Perfmatters is a WordPress plugin that speeds up your website by optimizing images, HTML code and CSS style-sheets. The result is faster loading pages with less data usage for users around the world – including you! Get perfmatters plugin today to see how much faster your website becomes when using this plugin.

Website speed is a hot topic in the digital marketing industry. It’s been proven that websites with high load times are less likely to rank well on search engine results pages.

That’s why it’s important for you to use a website speed plugin like perfmatters, which monitors and improves your site performance without any additional hassle. With perfmatters plugin, its performance so, that you’re not penalized by Google for slow loading times!

Web performance is an important factor in how a site ranks, and can even affect the conversion rates. Perfmatters analyzes website speed and helps to pinpoint areas of improvement.

The post features tips on how to improve page load times, as well as case studies showing before-and-after improvements for other sites. The article concludes with the benefit of using a WordPress plug-in like this one: “While it’s not possible to get your site back from being slow overnight (or with just one click), these three steps will put you on the right track.”

The plugin cuts the fat of website you might wondering What I mean by saying cuts the fat? There are often time pull written plugins and themes that add extra Bloat to your web pages.

Qucik Overview

When it comes to removing unnecessary files from WordPress the plugin Perfmatters comes first. Perfmatters is created by Brian Jackson and Brett Jackson two brothers and both are very Talented in this industry.

Features Of Perfmatters Plugin

image source woorkup

Perfmatters Script Manager Cut the Bloat

Perfmatters does a great job while cutting the bloat that is loading on your web pages. In perfmatters script manager allows you to selectively disable additional resources. This is created for you wether you like to optimize your website theme or plugins or not.

If you know what you are doing than play with all these features otherwise disabling all features can break your website design/structure.

The contact form plugin by default loads on each page you can disable it by simply clicking on disable everywhere. After disabling the contact form plugin the extra files will not be loaded when a user visits your website.

That is the feature I Liked in perfmatters because I use more than 50 plugins on my website and I don’t like them to load on each and every page like Yoast SEO creates multiple files on each page.

However you can disable some more files that are created By WordPress itself.

perfmatters script manager

Perfmatters MU Mode

MU Mode of perfmatters gives an extra boost to your website so it can be loaded in milliseconds. It gives you more control over disabling scripts JS and inline CSS, inline code, and MySQL queries.

I prefer using test mode to safely preview Script Manager’s so you can see changes before applying them on realtime.

perfmatters MU mode

Lazy Loading in Perfmatters

Lazy loading is one of the most important parts when you are optimizing your website. That’s how perfmatters help you to lazy load your images and Videos.

In this picture, you can see I’ve enabled Lazy Loading for my Embedded videos. I am not using this feature in Perfmatters because WP-Rocket is already lazy loading my images so, I don’t need to turn this on bcz it will override and may cause conflict.

lazy load in perfmatters

What Actually lazy Loading is ?

Lazy loading simply means when a user clicks on your website. They will see text only on your web pages. But, when the user starts scrolling the images will be lazy-loaded after they scroll so it can be the best UX practice.

Perfmatters Fonts

Optimizng your web pages font for better user experience.

Google fonts may increase page load time. You can host your web page’s fonts by turning on Local Google Fonts so, they can easily be loaded fast.

You can permanently remove Google fonts to be loaded on your web pages.

CDN and font localization in perfmatters


Disable specific elements of WooCommerce.

You can easily disable scripts and styles except on product, cart and checkout pages.

WooCommerece in perfmatters


You don’t need to configure CDN if you are using Cloudflare. CDN options that allow you to rewrite your site URLs with your CDN URLs. .

You can still take advantage of it for external resources though, such as //fonts.googleapis.com/ for prefetch.

CDN rewrites in perfmatters

Google Analytics in Perfmatters

Ironically, the Google Analytics script can be quite heavy. You can host your google analytics locally with perfmatters.

google analytics in perfmatters

Perfmatters Instant Page

I personally tested this feature in this plugin and It is really fast and It can be the best user experience for your website too.

So how Instant page Work in Perfmatters?

Instant page means when a user hover on a Link it will automatically prefetch URLs in the background. This results in almost instantaneous load times 

instant page load in perfmatters

Database Optimization

This feature allows you to delete your expired Database such as:

  • Post Revisions
  • Post-Auto-Drafts
  • Trashed Posts
  • Spam Comments
  • Trashed Comments
  • Expired Transients
  • All Transients
  • Tables

After selecting all these options you will see a button “Optimize Now” just hit this button and see magic. It will delete all expired database which can save you some storage usage.

Perfmatters is the lightweight WordPress performance Plugin.Click to Tweet
cleanup database in perfmatters

Defer JavaScript

One of the best and easy way to optimize website speed quickly is to defer your unused JavaScript. But !!! Stop. IF you are using bloated page builders then I don’t recommend to try this never ever it can break your site design. But as I started earlier if you know what you are doing then find unused JS first and defer them one by one.

But you can also exclude some of them if they are important. Where you’ve needed.

asset and JS delaying in perfmatters plugin

My website speed results before and after using Perfmatters

I started using WP-Rocket with Perfmatters back in 2019 and I never liked page builders because of bloat. Page builders also destroyed the whole industry.

Please stop using page builders if you want performance instead of silly design. Visitors like simplicity they are not coming to see your sliders and navigations !!!!!!!!!

They add extra and unused CSS JSS to your front end which is the big headache for me. I use this plugin on my website and you can see the results.

Before perfmatters

Image source Page speed insghts

After completely configuring the perfmatters speed optimization plugin.

Speed test after installing perfmatters

Perfmatters Pricing

Building WordPress plugins take more time and Hardwork that’s why the Developer of this plugin Brian Jackson tried to keep the price as cheap as possible.

  • $24.95 for 1 site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates.
  • $54.95 for 3 site licenses. Includes 1 year of support and updates.
  • $124.95 for an unlimited site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates. The unlimited license also supports multisite setups

I personally liked this plugin and recommend to others. If you are looking for a lightweight plugin that can help you to pass core web vitals then perfmatters could be the best option for your website.

I always prefer using a cache plugin along with perfmatters. But, if your host has server-level cache then you don’t need a cache plugin.

I prefer Cache Enabler free plugin for website is hosted on a Slow shared server.

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