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OBS Studio Mouse Smooth Scroll and Insanely Responsive 😲

ughhhh wait!!! your mouse is just lagging after recording the whole video in OBS studio?

I have a solution for you because I know how frustrating it is when you have recorded the whole video and then the mouse scroll just sucked in the meantime.
You might be running OBS on a slow old-school PC. But, that is not the reason !!

I watched almost 50+ YouTube videos but no one shared settings for screen recording all they share is about streaming and gaming. So I just tried myself setting up everything and Just found it ! 😂

So how to fix this issue without changing your CPU?

The first thing you can do is simply install the OBS studio and run it as administrator in Linux operating system you simply have to open by left-clicking on your mouse.

If you have not already installed OBS latest version. Just click here and directly download for your current operating system. It does not matter which operating system you have linux or windows. All the settings will just work like a charm.

After that, you have to go to other settings like Video:

OBS high-quality rec settings.

All you have to do is simply change the output scaled res from 1366×768 to 1920×1080 If your monitor resolution is higher than this.

Set the Common FPS values to 60.

After changing all these settings simply open up the output menu and change the following settings.

OBS studio OBS smooth scroll

If you can set some advanced level settings to kill your CPU completely while recording then just do it for the sake of performance otherwise follow what I’m saying.

Go ahead set the video bitrate 30000KBPS for 2K videos otherwise record 4K videos in high quality and large sizes.

Change the recording quality to High quality-but, medium file sizes. Also, Recording format should be selected like mkv or mp4 as both format types are very lighter and popular than others.

Encode setting should be x264 low CPU usage because what it does when you will be recording the video it will never ever or hardly slow your PC down but the thing is your PC must be a little powerful.

After that click on apply and save all changes.

Happy Recording.

phhhhhhhhh by the way here is the video recorded after setting up the changes.

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