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How to Get Approved in MaxBounty?

how to sign up for maxbounty and get approved by following these simple steps.

What is maxbounty and How To Sign Up For MaxBounty.

maxbounty is the leading performance affiliate and CPA network where you can promote thousands of offers and get paid for promotion and sales.

How and where to promote maxbounty offers?

Every CPA offer is different and every marketer’s strategy will be unique. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you in your promotion efforts. Read on to find out how to promote CPA offers successfully!

Promotion methods/platforms

  • Google Ads (Adword)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • Bing Ads (Microsoft Ads)
  • Taboola Ads (Native Ads)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How do I get started?

First of all, make sure the niche you’re promoting is something you know about or have experience with (or at least enjoy).

This will help when it comes time for copy-writing and content creation. It also helps if the product or service has a strong value proposition that customers want – meaning they’ll purchase as soon as they see an ad because they need it now!

Why Choose MaxBounty?

  • Maxbounty is the best network it accepts all the promotion methods like google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Quora Ads, Native ads.
  • There is a weekly payment option so, you can receive payment in your account every week.
  • The payment threshold of the maxbounty is $100. You will receive your $100 on a net-15 basis. After that, your account will be moved to weekly payments.
  • Dedicated affiliate managers of the account are very helpful and friendly. They will help you related to your account and make more money.
  • Follow these super easy and simple steps and increase your chances to get approved for maxbounty.

Must Know Before You apply.

  • Create a High-quality application that can increase the chances of approval.
  • Prepare Yourself for a Phone Call interview.
  • Create a High-quality landing page/website.

Create Your Skype And Gmail Account

Go ahead and create a new Skype handle if you have not already. Get new Gmail for sign up.

Your affiliate manager will then going to contact you on skype.

Have Your National Photo ID

They recently announced ID verification to reduce fraudulent activities.

Take High-quality photos of your ID and make sure the text is in English and easy to read. You can also use a scanner to upload your ID.

Pre-Application Checklist

  • Before you apply you must double-check your application and make sure that all the details are filled in properly.
  • You must have a plan that how you are going to promote their offers.
  • You must share your past experience with maxbounty it can increase your chances to get approved.

If you answered all these questions honestly then you are ready to apply for maxbounty and getting accepted.

There are few steps to sign up for maxbounty you just need to follow them to fill up your application properly.

Front Sign Up Page

On this page, you just need to fill up your basic information like your name and company name. Put your email down below and click on next.

How To Sign Up For MaxBounty And Get Approved
how to get approved in maxbounty

Step Two Security Info

It is one of the most important processes of your application. You need to fill up your security details like Password and security questions.

How To Sign Up For MaxBounty And Get Approved

After filling in these details you just need to click on next.

Contact Details

In this third step, you need to put your contact information like a phone number. Your country’s timezone and the time when can you be reached?

It is really important to put these things correctly so, then your affiliate manager will get in touch with you.

Do not put your house phone number if you barely answer your house phone. Put your mobile number and timezone and make sure you put when you can be contacted.

They will call you in this time period. So make sure you put when you are available to actually take a call.

The call will most likely happen in the next two days so when you actually submit your application.

Then your skype handle. Your affiliate manager is then going to contacts you on skype and you can answer all the questions.

And your affiliate manager is then going to overview your account so, they can help you to make more money.

So, it is very important that you can speak with these people on skype.

How To Sign Up For MaxBounty And Get Approved

Address Details

This step is all about your location like address, street, P/O.

Put your correct address and Street address. Don’t just put this also make sure you put your city and Your state.

Then you are going to put your country name and Zip code.

How To Sign Up For MaxBounty And Get Approved
maxbounty approval method

Photo ID/Passport

In this step you have to put your High quality captured photo ID.

They recently introduced ID verification to reduce fraud.

So, make sure you put the ID.

How To Sign Up For MaxBounty And Get Approved
maxbounty approval method


How Did You hear about MaxBounty?

Very important! don’t put just google put CPA marketing training videos because this shows you take initiative to make some money.

What is your experience?

I have some experience and have received at least one payment from a network.

Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing?

You just need to put all about your past experience in affiliate marketing like” I have more than 5 years of experience in affiliate and CPA marketing with JvZoo and Clickbank.

How do You intend to promote offers?

It is the main process of this application where you need to tell them how are you going to work with them.

This is the thing their affiliate managers look for.

What campaigns are you looking for?

Put what you are looking for. What kind of offers you want to promote from their network.

Your website URL.

If you don’t have a website or landing page just put your Facebook profile link or YouTube channel link do not leave it empty because this will not help you all out.

Is this account for incentive traffic?

Do not touch incentive if you are a beginner if you are going to promote offers from incentive traffic then you need to describe your method.

How To Sign Up For MaxBounty And Get Approved
maxbounty approval method

After filling about your past experience in affiliate marketing you need to double-check your application grammar spelling or mistakes.

Last Step Of Application

Accept all terms and conditions like you are not going to sell this account and you will never try to send fake traffic and bots to maxbounty offers.

Accept that you will never hire freelancers or micro-jobs to get guaranteed leads to maxbounty offers.

Accept that you are agreeing to maxbounty terms and conditions.

How To Sign Up For MaxBounty And Get Approved
maxbounty approval method

Submit application and Confirm your email

After submitting your application you will receive an email from [email protected]

You have to confirm your application and after that, you will be redirected to a new tab where you will be able to get your affiliate manager’s contact info and their phone number also you will get your affiliate ID right there.

Phone Call interview

After submitting your application you will be receiving a phone call from your affiliate manager.

Now the affiliate manager will confirm your Identity like your name or he may ask for your affiliate ID.

Next, he will ask about your past experience. He will be asking about your offer promotions method.

When you’re applying, make sure to address the inquiries in your application cycle and when they call back. They’ll be intrigued by how many of their customers are from Western countries if all else fails.

That’s all folks and How To Sign Up For MaxBounty complete step by step guide if you like this tutorial then please follow us for more upcoming great helpful content.

How to Earn $1000 MaxBounty Performance Bonus?

After Getting approved into maxbounty you can get $1000 performance from them because of newly joined affiliates.

It is that easy. You have to complete at least $1000 in your maxbounty account after that your manager will add an extra $1000 bonus into your account that will help your word closet and you can use this bonus to boost your sales and increase the payout.

What are the payment method of maxbounty?

MaxBounty pays affiliate commissions through Payoneer when you reached minimum payment threshold of $100.

How Do I get approved in MaxBounty?

Don’t Lie with them you will get approved instantly. If you are overconfident about offer promotions then you will be rejected. Just be honest and to the point no extra explanations and clarifications !!!

What Kind of offers should I promote after approval?

If you are just starting out then promote Surveys and Lead generation offers. Use paid or free traffic methods to promote maxbounty offers.

What is the best traffic source for maxbounty offers?

In my opinion Google and Bing ads are the gem of maxbounty offers promotion. Or you should go for solo ads.

Can I buy traffic from someone else’s website for maxbounty?

No Never !!! Your account will be terminated because it is against there terms and conditions and they want you to run ads or promote your links manually.

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