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Is Rode NT-1 a Good microphone in 2022?

I got the RODE NT1 as my first mic and it’s been great! It is very quiet, doesn’t pick up too much background noise, and has great sensitivity. If you can afford it, get it – if not save your money and go with the NT1.

Is the NT-1 a good mic for v/o work?

what sounds better with voiceovers, a condenser or dynamic mics? The NT-1 is a condenser mic – I am not sure if it would be suitable for your needs. While some people do use dynamics for voice-over work, most professional VO people will prefer a condenser as they usually give you more detail and clarity.

Can the rode nt1  be connected to Garageband on mac book air using just an apple cable and what would that setup cost roughly?

Rode recommends connecting their microphones directly to either a mixer or a pre-amp (which is then connected to the mixer), so it’s unlikely that this would work.

You’ll have to do some more research on how you want to set up your recording environment – I’m afraid we can’t offer advice on what you could purchase for a Garageband setup, but our website has lots of information about different kinds of interfaces and recorders.

Is it possible for me to hook my iphone up through speakers and mic input with this kind of equipment?

The NT-1 was designed as a professional microphone, so don’t buy cheap knock-offs. They are not really suited to recording, so I would recommend investing in a USB or Firewire interface for Garageband, which will make the NT-1 compatible with your Macbook and provide you with a number of other features (such as phantom power and more input options).

What kind of noise does it make on playback? The NT-1 is very quiet – if you’re experiencing noise problems, they may be coming from elsewhere.

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