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How to connect rode Mic to Laptop-Rode SmartLav+ Review😀

Fix your audio problems with this easy step-by-step guide on how to connect a rode mic to your laptop.

Rode smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone


The RODE SmartLav is an ultra-compact, Omni-directional condenser lav microphone designed for capturing audio in the toughest environments. With its small form factor, low profile, and included cable pop shield, it’s especially well suited for use with smartphones such as the Apple iPhone or other similar devices where space is limited and packed full of cutting edge technology so you can get closer to the action than ever before.

Its directional polar pattern has been optimized for capture of speech within approximately one metre (3 feet) so it won’t pick up unwanted sounds from around you, such as computer fan noise or camera clicks and clacks.

Built-in headphone monitoring (3.5mm jack) allows you to listen to what you’re recording in real time so you can adjust the mic level accordingly without having to shout over background noise and ruin the take.

The RODE SmartLav+ comes complete with a furry windshield and an adjustable clothing clip, allowing positioning of the microphone at voice level for optimal audio capture. It features a 3m (10′) cable terminated with a right angle 3.5mm stereo mini plug that fits RODE wireless transmitters or DSLR cameras etc that have a 3.5mm mic input socket.

It’s powered off your device so there’s no need for a battery, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about losing power during a recording session.

It’s not so much a question of whether or not your audio will improve using this microphone – the only limitation is the quality of the pre-amp on your computer because it can handle up to 125dB SPL which matches any professional sound level. Read on and find out how to connect smartlav+.

Preparation steps:

  • Set up your laptop or desktop with an appropriate recording program.
  • Make sure the mic is turned off before plugging it into your usb port.
  • Turn on your smart lav+
  • Connect the USB cable to your computer
  • Ensure that you select the right input for the mic if you use a mix of sound inputs.



2) Turn on your smartlav+ by pressing and holding the red button on its rear until it glows solid RED.

3) Connect one end of the included usb cable to the USB port on your laptop, and connect other end to your smartlav+’s universal power connector

4) Ensure that you select the right input for the mic if you use a mix of sound inputs, such as “line in” or “microphone”.

5) You can then turn up this input level using either your computer’s mixer or recording program.

6) You will know if the smart lav+ is receiving power correctly because it will glow solid red (while plugged into your computer’s USB port). If this is not the case, make sure you’ve followed all of the above steps to ensure that you have turned on both your smartlav+ and computer correctly.

7) Once turned up, begin speaking either directly into the microphone or hold it close to your mouth (within 1 meter/3 feet), ensuring that you vary your distance from the mic for different sound effects – closer for spoken word, further for singing.

8) Be aware that because smartlav+ only has a universal power connector this means that it doesn’t support phantom or low voltage adapters so these cannot be used with this microphone.

9) If you use a mix of sound inputs, such as “line in” or “microphone”, use the appropriate level for each input on your computer’s mixer or recording program to ensure best signal quality.

10) The smartlav+ doesn’t have a built-in headphone jack so make sure to monitor using either speakers or another microphone/headphones connected directly to your computer after setting up all levels appropriately from above steps.

11) You can then pan between sources when monitoring through your headphones by clicking the stereo speaker icon in the system tray and selecting desired input source from drop-down menu.

12) To disconnect just unplug the USB cable from both the mic laptop but remember to turn smartlav+ off before unplugging.

13) When you turn the smartlav+ on and plugged into a USB port, it is powered up and ready to go.

14) There’s no need for batteries – just plug in the mic and switch it on via power button.

15) If your device doesn’t recognize or isn’t receiving power from the mic, make sure that your computer is turned on as some laptops may only receive power when switched on.

16) Also ensure that you’ve selected the correct input source (eg: line-in or microphone).

17) You can pan between different sound sources by clicking “options” at the bottom of windows and selecting desired input source from drop down menu.

18) The 3m cable is long enough to leave the mic on your desk while you sit back comfortably.

19) The smartlav+ only has a universal power connector so it doesn’t support phantom or low voltage adapters, which means that there’s no need for batteries (just plug-in and switch-on).

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