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DJI Mavic Mini vs Xiaomi fimi A3

Two drones with similar specs and appearance. One is smaller and cheaper, while the other one is pricier but offers greater features.

The 4K camera and larger battery of its competitor justify its price difference to some extent, although we can’t be certain about the actual performance.

As far as the comparison goes, there are many factors that should be considered in addition to the basic spec list. Let’s say, they are equally important when deciding on a product purchase. Look at all these comparisons of GoPro cameras and think if you made the right choice or not.

So it’s really up to you to decide, but you should know what you are going for.

This is a great help! I was wondering if anyone could do a comparison on the new DJI Spark with the Xiaomi Mi drone?

DJI Mavic mini vs Xiaomi fimi a3 Drone Summary: Two drones and in our opinion we think that Xiaomi Mi drone 3 has better characteristics than DJI Mavicmini because of its low price and despite its lower sensor quality.

We think that the Xiaomi Mi drone 3 has better characteristics than DJI Mavicmini because of its low price and despite its lower sensor quality.

Title: Xiaomi Mi Drone vs DJI Mavic Pro Summary: Here is a comparison between the two drones, hope it helps you make up your mind!

DJI Mavic Mini Vs xiaomi fimi a3 Pros & Cons

Price: Xiaomi Mi 4k is less expensive than DJI

Camera quality: Xiaomi Mi has a better camera compared to Mavic

Legs: Mavic sturdy legs give it a higher landing clearance

Flight time: Mavic can fly for 27 minutes with an additional battery, which is good for emergency situations

GPS and GLONASS technology: Both have this feature but the GPS of Fimi A3 has better accuracy according to tests

Controller Type: DJI controller looks professional as it resembles that of a PlayStation or Xbox controller while Fimi uses an app on your iOS or Android device. It means you can start flying right after you take out the box while DJI requires some assembly before you can fly it.

Reliability: Both are reliable drones but Xiaomi Mi is more stable during flight time according to tests conducted by many people

Sensor quality: Fimi does not have a great sensor but shooting 1080p videos will not be a problem for this drone. It will still look good if the environment is bright enough.

Features: Xiaomi Mi comes with an active track feature while Mavic lacks that feature. It also has returned to home function which automatically returns the drone back to its starting point when the battery is about to die or the connection gets lost mid-flight.

However, Mavic has an orbit mode for circling around a subject which makes it perfect for shooting videos. Other features like follow me, gesture control and object tracking make Mavic more attractive to consumers.

Bottom line

Both drones are fantastic choices but the Xiaomi Mi drone is better because of its price. It is also easier to use since you will not need any assembly for it unlike DJI Mavic. Plus, it has better compatibility with Android devices, unlike Mavic which only works with iOS devices. You can fly it using your phone or tablet as the controller.

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