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Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. This is quite an annoying problem that has been plaguing wordpress users lately and we would like to take a moment to explain what this means and how you can resolve it as quickly as possible.

Scheduled maintenance mode

If your site goes into the scheduled mode, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything should be working fine except for the fact that the site is under scheduled mode.

When this happens, you should not make any changes to your wordpress installation unless they’re related to fixing the problem itself since executing certain actions on a wordpress installation when running in scheduled mode will only worsen the situation even more or cause data loss leading up to complete site failure.

What you should do while in scheduled mode

How To Fix Death Screen of Maintenance

  • The recommended method to fix the white screen is that wait for the complete update.
  • Don’t try to update all things in one Click.
  • Contact your web hosting provider if it is still showing.

The best thing to do while the site is under scheduled maintenance mode is to check for updates. If you have not done so recently, make sure you update wordpress and all of its plugins – including any third-party themes you might be running on your site.

If no new updates are available consider back using your data until a new update is released that resolves this issue. After updating, try disabling scheduled mode via FTP or MySQL depending on what mode your site is currently in, and see if it works.

If disabling scheduled mode did resolve the problem, then congratulations! You’ve successfully resolved this annoying bug that has been plaguing wordpress installations lately. You can now enable scheduled mode again and make sure the site is backed up at all times. You can leave scheduled mode on or turn it off again depending on what you think will be best for your website and keep checking back here on howtophp.com for any WordPress updates from now on to make sure everything keeps working perfectly!

If disabling scheduled mode did not fix the problem, then unfortunately there’s no way that we know of to resolve this problem while in scheduled mode.

Either wait until the server goes out of scheduled mode by itself (usually takes a few minutes) or contact your hosting provider to ask them what they recommend doing in your situation since they might have a different procedure than ours based on their expertise.

In any case, if you’ve had WordPress installed on your site for less than a year, you might want to consider backing up all of your data and starting it over from scratch.

There’s no guarantee that the same problem won’t occur again so it might be best just to start over with a fresh installation just in case since there are more important things than WordPress itself if your website is generating revenue.

This thing happened to me always because when I try to update a plugin or theme and during this process clicking on the WordPress sidebar and opening something in the new Tab.

How to Fix Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.
error in WordPress, which usually occurs when an update is not successfully completed.

IF the issue is still happening then please wait for a minute. Don’t try to mess with your WordPress database or cPanel you will lose your website if you don’t know what you are doing.

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