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Best Page Builder For GeneratePress (Suggested)

Are you curious about using page builder with GeneratePress? If so then I am right there with you to help and explain which page builder is best and suitable with GeneratePress.

There are some recommendation on generatepress docs form where they have listed 2 page builders.

Suggested Page Builder for GeneratePress Users.

  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor Page Builder

Generatepress is specially focused on speed and performance they don’t recommend any page builder because of bloat. But they have a suggestion for those who can not live without page builders and some of these options are available for those people.

Page Builders You can use with GeneratePress

  • Page Builder by Site Origin
  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor
  • Divi
  • Themify Builder
  • Sandwich
  • Oxygen Builder

We all know that less plugins and page builders can create better speed and performance results.

WPbakery is a great page builder but if you are not much technical or worried about your site speed and performance than you are good to go with WPbakery.


Gutenberg is not considered to be a page builder but you can truly make it usable with GenerateBlocks. It is the plugin developed by Tom also the developer of GeneratePress and simple CSS. He always focused on speed so, here is an example of a page built with Gutenberg and GenerateBlocks.

I did not optimize this page very well. I just used Gutenberg and GenerateBlocks to run a quick test of how things work with GB+GP. It’s a paid plugin but the free version of GenerateBlocks is limited however you can use some basics features like buttons, containers and more.

You can unlock the more power of WordPress default Gutenberg editor with GenerateBlocks. And Gutenberg can be considered as a page builder with GenerateBlocks.

There is a misconception about the GeneratePress theme that it does not support some page builders but that’s not true at all. I’ve been using GeneratePress for over several years and it is working fine with all page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, WPbaker, SeedProd, and some others.

But remembers page builders can surely impact on your website load time. Make sure you understand what you are doing.

Source GeneratePress Documentation

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