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Best CPA Marketing Platforms For Beginners in 2021

This is a blog post for Marketing. I learned many things in my CPA marketing career today, we will discuss some best CPA networks.

Let’s get started…..

What is CPA marketing? Why I encourage people to get started with CPA marketing instead of affiliate marketing.

CPA marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing. It also offers a high ROI for advertisers and has the potential to be very profitable for publishers.

Simply means you don’t have to force someone else’s to buy your product. You will get paid if they just submit their emails.

The term stands for Cost per Acquisition and typically refers to an advertising model where payment is made only when there is a conversion event, such as a sale or signup.

CPA Marketing can be used in many different ways with various types of businesses, but it is mainly used by affiliate marketers who sell products on behalf of other companies.

And this is what I will discuss in this article….. what CPA Marketing means, why you should get started with CPA marketing in 2021 ? and how it works from both sides – publisher’s side (affiliate) and advertiser’s side (CPC).

Which is the Best CPA Network?

Well, I have joined many Affiliates and CPA networks in the past including CPA Grip, Adwork Media, and Click Dealer. And all of them were just okay…I do have a list of some other good CPA networks which I will share in the next post.

A lot of people are interested in including me…. what networks will be good for CPA in 2021. I’m sure you’re one of them, so let’s take a look at the most popular networks right now.

These are some top and best leading CPA marketing platforms in 2021 according to my research.

  • MaxBounty
  • ClickDealer
  • MaxWeb
  • CPAGrip

I will only share my experience with maxbounty Because I have been working with them for over a decade and I know how their system works. I know if you are a beginner it is not going to be easy for you. Learn from some others networks and get some great experience in this field and then apply for maxbounty.


These are some best CPA networks for you in 2021. If you are a beginner then please don’t touch maxbounty because they need experts and they don’t need people they gonna ask their affiliate manager thousands of thousands of questions.

They don’t want complete newbies and Amazon marketers. They need people who are working with Google ads FaceBook ads and bing ads.

I will show you my methods How I worked with a premium CPA network maxbounty….

I am not going to explain about each CPA network because I have a bad experience with them. If you are new, please do your research and find out the best one for your needs.

I will be talking about some of the things that might help you with choosing a good CPA Network.

CPA Networks are profitable but they also require a lot of work in order to get results. They can take time before you start seeing any money coming in or if at all you see any money coming in from it.

It’s important that you know what is required before starting this business so, that there isn’t any surprises later on when things don’t go as planned.

So, I started with maxbounty in 2016. After watching tons of YouTube free videos. I spend almost 2 to 3 years only in YouTube free courses by Liam James Kay, John Crestani, James Hustle CPA-Affiliate marketing, and so on.

Believe me, these YouTube channels are gems! I can not explain in words What I have learned from these guys.

After getting a lot of knowledge and spending most of my time in youtube videos the finally time comes and I started taking action.

I first applied for maxbounty and as many people know that it is a very premium and strict CPA network. They will hardly or sometimes never approve your account. So, it was my luck and I just got approved the next day after submitting the application.

I just wasted 6 months in offer selection and I was scared that I will be losing money in google ads and Facebook In early 2016, there was almost no competition in terms of CPA marketing. However, nowadays, it’s a lot more competitive than it used to be.

This is because there are so many different ways for people to reach their audience and promote their products.

Then I started promoting maxbounty offers on various social media platforms including Pinterest, FaceBook, and Quora. I did not make any sales or lead in the first 6 months.

Then I started running google ads

Do you know that there is a YouTube video about everything? Yes, this is true. There are so many videos on YouTube and some of these videos are for CPA marketing purposes.

In my experience, I have been able to use the knowledge I got from these videos to increase sales at my CPA network which was maxbounty.

Most of my money was wasted because of a/b testing. But I don’t give up and I keep testing my campaigns on google ads and bing ads and finally, the day comes when I made my first sale for OneShot Keto Offer which was around $120 per lead I think.

I also started promoting survey offers on various platforms by creating landing pages at blogger and WordPress. Blogger was easy for me and now……..I just use WordPress for Landing pages.

After getting a few more sales and leads. I tried to get more sales and leads from Solo Ads and Udemi.

Then I paid people to promote my offers on their website and I made a lot of money in mid-2017.

Here I am attaching some income snapshots just for motivation.

It was my best month with maxbounty
my nice and friendly affiliate manager Bianca at maxbounty dashboard.

I spend a good amount of $$$ on YouTube ads and got a perfect output.

I am still working with maxbounty but now I just stopped spending more money on google ads and FaceBook ads.

Now I am selling their products through search traffic or you can Say (SEO).

Honestly, if you ask for my recommendation. Then, No network is better than MaxBounty and MaxBounty.

Keep in mind there are some pros and cons and restrictions in this kind of Affiliates or CPA network so be sure to read their policies before you apply.


If you are looking for access to a huge portfolio of direct offers and exclusives You’re in luck! ClickDealer has compiled a list of the most exclusive marketing deals that we can find. From discounted software to free consultations, this list has it all!

The network dashboard is very slow and buggy but their offers are very good to go. ClickDelaer has multiple offers for multiple geo’s.

They have the best Nutra and health offers for you and they give you at least 60% of commission per sale.


Max web is a wonderful affiliate network. I have been working with them for years and they are always reliable, helpful, effective in their support team and managers care about your success as an affiliate partner to the company.

They pay out weekly which is great! And never had any problems or issues paying on time every single week since signing up all those years ago!

CPA Grip

CPAGrip is a company that sells affiliated products on sites and pays its customers through different payment models, such as PayPal and ACH. They also have referral programs for their affiliates where they receive 5% of the product’s price every time someone signs up using one of your affiliate links.

They have some good options for beginners who are just starting out in CPA marketing. Their verticals are very similar to others most of them are paid surveys and emails submit for example if a visitor submits his email you are going to get $0.40 to $1 from a specific country like the US and CA.


Conclusion paragraph: I have been in CPA marketing for 6 years now, and it has taken me a long time to learn what networks are worth your money.

If you’re looking for an honest opinion on which network is best, or if you just want some general advice about how to get started with CPA marketing, please feel free to ask! All of the comments below are welcome. I am always here to help.

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