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Best Audio Technica Microphones

Audio-Technica microphones are a pretty hot commodity and with good reason. The microphones bring excellent noise rejection and a recording response tailored for vocals. And of course, the microphones come from a company that is known for their beloved phono cartridges.

Find out about the best audio Technica microphones and how to choose the right one for your needs.


The first microphone on our list is the AT2020USB+. This is an XLR condenser microphone that comes with a USB output, allowing it to be plugged right into your computer.

With its cardioid polar pattern, this mic rejects noise from behind or next to it. Plus, this mic features A/D converters with a 24 bit/192 kHz sampling rate so you know you’re going to get some great sound.

The AT2020USB+ is an upgrade from the standard AT2020 microphones. With its USB output, this microphone doesn’t need any sort of mixer or complicated setup to be used with your computer. With its side-address studio condenser design, this is a top choice for home studios and semi-pro studios that aren’t recording massive vocals in huge rooms.

AT2035 cardioid condenser mic

Next on our list is another USB condenser microphone, but it’s one you can use with an XLR connection if need be (it comes with the XLR cable).

The AT2035 cardioid condenser mic provides excellent noise rejection and smooth sound for vocals both live and in the studio.

It features an 80 Hz highpass filter so you don’t have to worry about low-end noise messing up your audio signal. With the -10 dB pad switch, this mic is great for recording loud sounds without distortion.

If you’re looking for microphones that offer excellent sensitivity and frequency response, the AT2035 microphones are perfect for you!

These microphones feature cardioid pickup patterns designed for high gain before feedback so they’re great microphones if you’re planning on singing or playing instruments live without worrying about feedback ruining your performance.

The microphones also come with three different pad settings (0, -10, and -20dB) so it’s compatible with more microphones regardless of what microphone is set to work at!

AT2020USB microphones

Next on our list is another condenser microphone that comes in both an XLR and USB design. The AT2020USB microphones offer cardioid pickup patterns with audio quality so good, your audio will sound professional even when recorded at home.

In fact, these microphones have been used for podcasting and recording vocals by aspiring artists as well as professionals around the world. With its side-address studio condenser design, this is a top choice for home studios and semi-pro studios that aren’t recording massive vocals in huge rooms.

AT2005USB microphones

The AT2005USB microphones are ideal microphones for recording vocals and instruments in home studios or semi-pro studios that don’t have massive microphones or incredibly large rooms.

The microphones feature a cardioid pickup pattern that is perfect for isolating the sound of vocals so they don’t get lost in background noise.

It’s worth noting that these microphones do require an extra mixer to be used right out of the box; however, if you already have one lying around or are planning on getting one anyway, these microphones are worth the investment.

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