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Best 3 AdSense Alternatives of 2021

Google’s AdSense is one of the most popular ways of generating revenue through the Internet.

One of the reasons for this is that it attracts and is intended for websites that have a good combination of content and traffic – a lot of both.

For the smaller websites that are either just starting out or are having trouble generating traffic, do not expect any significant revenue from AdSense. Good luck getting approved anyway.

There are several other alternatives to Google AdSense you can deploy on your website, and it is only smart for you to examine the choices available.

Not just any alternative will do, there must are some basic criteria you should consider if you hope to make any worthwhile revenue. A few select qualities would be:

Reputation – here we are not just talking about scams, but the success others have experienced using the ad network.

Terms –  consider the payout terms, do they allow you use other ad networks alongside their ads, do they allow you to customize your ads, when and how do you receive your payments.

Advertisers – you must consider the kind of adverts they serve to publishers in relation to your blog. You cannot be blogging about personal development and be displaying ads with “boobs enlargement”.

3 Popular Adsense Alternatives For 2013


One of the top choices for small and large businesses alike, this ad company is the result of a cooperative effort between Yahoo! and Bing to be a significant competitor for Google’s AdSense in the online advertising industry.

The reputation of both of these companies is unquestionable as they still hold strong name recognition and consumer influence in their respective industries.

Media.net on the other hand have a questionable reputation with publishers. Most publishers complained of their RPM falling or media.net suspending their accounts so close to payout periods.

Media.net terms are fairly realistic, your website should meet the following requirements

  • Significant amount of original English content
  • Most of your traffic should come from US / UK / Canada
  • Good amount of visitors already using the website
  • No excessive advertising

You can read more on their program guidelines here – Media.net Program Guidelines

Payment Methods: Payments due to Publishers are paid on a 30 day basis for accounts with at least $100 or more in earnings. Payments are made via wire transfer or PayPal.


Chitika seems to be a favorite among reviewers who are making recommendations for AdSense alternatives. This gives them a high reputation factor among their peers, something that cannot be ignored.

The general recommendation is that a business should choose Chitika if their website has a decent amount of organic traffic – visitors directed to their website from search engine results.

Chitika prides itself as a data analytical company at the core level,it brings search targeted ads off of the search engines onto your site.

Chitika also has a Referral Program where you can refer other bloggers or website owners to Chitika and earn 10% of the referred clients’ earnings, for the first 15 months,if the Publisher is accepted into the program.

  • Chitika accounts are not transferable. If you ever sell your website, the new owner has to re-apply and you would have do disable your account for the website.
  • Multiple Ad units may be displayed on each Web site page but not on domain parking websites, pop-ups, “thank you” pages, or in any email.
  • English Content
  • No Copyrighted Material

Payment Methods: Chitika offers low payout limits. $10 for PayPal or $50 for check


This is the third of what some call the most optimal alternatives to AdSense. Given that Kontera, like Chitika, has huge name recognition within its own industry. And like Chitika, it doesn’t hurt to be mentioned in the same virtual breath as Yahoo! and Bing.

Kontera’s model for businesses is called an in-text advertising model – the client only gets paid when the ad itself is clicked.

Basically, the text that is in the advertisement is analyzed and converted into hyperlinks. Kontera links works with your content, No extra space required. The in-text ads are not spammy as users don’t see these ads unless they hover over the links.

On the positive side, the Kontera model allows much greater flexibility in design, particularly when it comes to keywords.

The user can exclude specific keywords from being hyperlinked, giving more control to the user and making the web site more visitor friendly. Kontera also plays well with other ad networks, meaning you can use it alongside adsense.

Kontera requires your website to have:

  • At least 50 words per page
  • Original English Content
  • Decent Traffic

Payment Terms: Payment is made on a 40 days basis when balance exceeds US $50. Payments are made by Check, PayPal, Wire transfer or ACH.

For Your Consideration

One thing that evolves from this brief discussion and analysis of AdSense alternatives is that an ad model does not stand alone, apart from the business.

Any ad model is not a revenue solution due to the lack of a business plan or marketing strategy. The design of the web site itself can be an obstacle to future growth.

So when beginning the process of searching for an alternative to AdSense, remember that AdSense may not be the problem, or the solution, for your revenue generating issues.

Before leaving you to ponder the possibilities, keep in mind that these various alternatives have an application process the business has to submit to before acceptance.

Like AdSense, there are restrictions that can keep you from being accepted as well as restrictions on your use of the service.

For example, AdSense does not allow you to use a competitor’s campaigns on your site, which obviously limits you from pursuing multiple potential revenue streams.

Even if the alternatives look good, the details can be easily missed and have you wondering why the other guy is no better than AdSense.

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