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Adding Keywords to Raven Tools Ranking in Bulk

Adding Keywords to Raven Tools

Unfortunately with many SEO tools they don’t just automatically show you what keywords you are ranking for. But there are easy ways to add them. If you are just starting out with Raven Tools and are about to add keywords to the rankings section, then follow the steps below for a quick way to build a good foundation. This assumes your website at least has some data in Google Webmaster Tools to pull from. Building a list of top ranking keywords can take days, so why not start out with simply adding the keywords that are already ranking for your site?

Step 1

Click into the SEO Metrics section under SEO.

Step 2

Now on the right hand side, make sure “All Keywords” are selected. Then click on the icon with the small gear and select “Save to CSV.”

Step 3

At the top there will be a bar notifying you that your CSV is about ready to download. Once the “Download” option appears click on it to download your CSV file and save it to your computer. Note, I have had problems in the past with this bar never appearing. It seems to be a caching issue with Firefox. If you log out and log back in it will fix the problem.

Step 4

Raven Tools Ranking

Now open your CSV file and I usually will select the keywords from the past 30 days that have had 15 or more visits. Depending on the size of your website, you might want to go down less than that. Select the keywords from the “Keyword” column and copy them to your clipboard.

Step 5

Now go back to Raven Tools and click into the “Rankings” section under “SEO.”

raven tools site auditor and ranking
raven tools rankings

Step 6

Now on the right hand side, click on the “Add Keywords” button.

Raven tools add keyword

Step 7

Add Keywords in Raventools
Adding keywords and tags in Raven Tool

Now paste your keywords from your CSV that are in your clipboard and click “Add.”

You have now added your top visited keywords to the Raven Tools rankings tool in just a matter of minutes. Now sit back and analyze your rankings on a weekly basis.

raven tools
GWT Ranking in Raven Tools

Read more about Raven Tools Keyword Ranking. As always feel free to leave your comments below!

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