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7 Best WordPress Music Themes

Are you looking for the best WordPress music theme for your music project? This should help.

Searching for a theme is not supposed to be a difficult task, is it? There are thousands of WordPress themes available on the market right? Maybe that is the problem, the options are so many that you do not know which one to choose.

The Wedding Gown

Searching for the perfect WordPress theme is a bit like shopping for a wedding dress, the bride knows and hopes she is going to wear her wedding dress just once but she wants it to be the most beautiful wedding gown ever worn and even though her best friend recently got married, she is not going to use the same beautiful wedding dress her friend used, is she? No, she must find her own wedding gown.

Sticking To Your Choice

Switching designs is frankly speaking not an easy thing to do, especially when you have an established audience whose brain has adapted to the look, feel and functionality of your website.

Facebook’s director of product design, Margaret Gould Stewart, in her Ted Talk, explained how a small change in the design or functionality of Facebook & Youtube can cause a global outrage.

The bottom line is, when you are looking to purchase a WordPress theme, you need to be Goddamn sure it is the right one.

For musicians, music bloggers, music bands, artiste managers, record labels and any other person that might need a good WordPress theme for running a music website, here are some of the best WordPress music themes around.

Best WordPress Music Themes

best wordpress music themes
7 Best WordPress Music Themes

1. Berliner

Berline by CSSigniter is an excellent WordPress music theme that combines simplicity with great design and functionality.

Upcoming events,  latest news, custom Audio Player, responsive layout and a whole lot of other useful features makes it perfect for musicians, bands, DJ’s, nightclubs, record labels any music-oriented website or blog.

Berliner is fast, light, it follows the best industry-standard in SEO practices and it is one of the best WordPress themes for bands.

Demo | Price: $39

2. Harmony

ElegantThemes are one of the best WordPress theme companies around and quality WordPress themes like Harmony is exactly why the company keeps waxing stronger.

Harmony is a stunning WordPress music theme that comes packed with all the features needed to create a beautiful website. In regular ElegantThemes fashion, theme is beautiful, responsive and you get access to all other elegantthemes if you purchase the theme.

Harmony packs a bunch of features and yet it remains lightweight. Harmony is by all means one of the best WordPress music theme around and we have ElegantThemes to thank for that.

Demo | Price: $69

3. Beat Heaven

Beat Heaven by Themefuse is an excellent WordPress music theme for artists or event planners who want to create a stunning music website.

The theme is packed with necessary features like a customized HTML 5 Player, upcoming events, multiple sliders and it can be easily customized to suit your needs. Beat Heaven also works well across all mobile devices and it  is one of the best WordPress music theme.

Themefuse has a good collection of themes and it is a company that has done really well in the WordPress theme industry. Support is available for the theme, so you can be rest assured the developer is not about to go awol.

Demo | Price: $55

4. Promenade

Promenade is a product of Audiotheme, a theme company that focuses on creating WordPress themes for musicians, bands and labels.

Promenade is an elegant music theme without all the bells and whistles. It is specifically designed for the musicians that want to showcase their music not their website.

The theme’s homepage highlights all your relevant content; new album, videos, gigs, audio player, social profiles in a simple and non distracting manner.

Demo | Price: $79

5. Music

Themify could have put have at least made this easy by putting more thought into naming this theme.

Music is a WordPress music theme by themify. It is responsive, retina ready and it is perfect for designing a beautiful website for musicians, artists, events and the likes. The WordPress music theme has an embedded music player, an album playlist, woocommerce integration and all other features you would expect in a good WordPress music theme.

Themify offers timely updates and excellent support for their themes and this makes your project future-proof.

Demo | Price: $49

6. Applause

Applause is a responsive one page theme by Metrothemes made for bands & musicians theme.

It currently enjoys a five-star rating on ThemeForest and the developer is very responsive to customers’ requests and issues.

The theme itself is built on the Bootstrap framework and it is a complete package. The theme handles every detail perfectly and it has all the necessary features you need to develop a music website.

Demo | Price: $43

7. Lush

Lush is one of the best WordPress music themes available on themeforest.

Lush is a beautiful WordPress music theme designed uniquely to meet the needs of music lovers, bands, DJ’s, nightclubs, record labels and webmasters.

Lush is one of the most powerful WordPress music themes around, it comes packed with the visual composer which stretches your design options and customization.

Demo | Price: $58

These seven themes listed are a result of an exhausting week of research and testing, the list has no affiliate links which means we don’t get paid anything for listing these themes.

If you need a WordPress music theme for your project, you can purchase any of these themes with full confidence.

Do you know any other excellent WordPress music theme that is not on this list? the list is not exhaustive, so do let us know.

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